Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Velvet Undertones

A Conundrum To Get Your Teeth Into;

The light tinted Velvet, silky and soft,
with harsh lines and cruel wrinkles.
Masks a truth that can’t be told.
It covers up dark secrets,
formed in the days of old.

It was a time of dark shadows in the night.
Of sounds of wailing, screaming, crying.
The Velvet soaked with human sweat
witnessed the unravelling.

The shadows multiplying now,
furiously writhing, thrusting, sweating.
Thinking they cannot be seen,
and if they were, would it matter?’s a secret.
No one need ever know.
The Velvet soaked in human sweat
discarded, knows the truth.

A secret of the night. where shadows gather.
Impressed upon the silky, soft velvet
where lines and cruel wrinkles formed
to hide a truth that can’t be told.

Because it wasn’t right in days of old.
Sixty three years have flown right by
and the burnt rag keeps the secret.
Of those dark shadows in the night,
impressing on Pure Light Velvet.

The war brought out the best in men
as they died for our treasured freedom.
It also turns them into shadows of the night,
where they don’t go to kill and fight.

They seek out the pure light Velvet.
They soak it in their sweat.
They sacrifice the light of life.
Then start it all again.

The Velvet holds the secret
all human life holds dear.
Read between the lines above,
to read the secret here.

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