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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Our personalities, Our hang-ups, Our fears

Today, I'd like to talk about our personalities, our hang-ups, our fears and our striving for a better life and love itself.

Ten years ago I wrote a prelude to a book I was writing called 'The Human Survival Blueprint'. (Check Youtube) It focused on the very fact that for most of the time we are being 'led' by the nose through this 'Journey of Life' by the FEW that don't necessarily have our best interests at heart.

That aside, it brought out the fact that we are all insecure in this life as a result and I have included an extract from the book below so that you can internally digest the example and maybe leave your own thoughts, opinions and 'comments' below.

"Derren Brown has also shown us similar feats, and one other thing he did, to show us that we are all much the same as each other, and are all susceptible to ‘manipulation’, was when he got a group of people in a room from different age groups and walks of life. He told them that he could ‘read’ their personality from just holding something of theirs that they hold dear to themselves. They all gave him things like rings, lucky talismans, mobile phones etc, etc. They put these personal belongings into large brown envelopes and wrote their name in bold felt-tip on the outside of their own.

Derren then left the room for several hours and let them all have a good old chat together while ‘he’ was doing their ‘readings’ for them and getting them typed up.

He eventually came back into the room and put all of the envelopes down on the table. He asked them all to take their own envelope, to go off to a quiet part of the large room and read the contents to themselves. Not to discuss those contents with any other person in the room. He then called them back to the centre and asked each one to ‘rate’ his reading of their personality.

There were about 12 or 14 people as I remember, and almost everyone gave him at least nine out of ten for accuracy. They were literally ‘gushing’ about how precise he was with details he couldn’t ‘possibly’ have known about them before. There were just two who gave him a seven out of ten, but agreed he was ‘pretty accurate’.

He then told them to exchange their envelopes with each other and to go off to their ‘quiet part’ of the room to read what he had written about THEM. Very soon they all started to exchange again with each other 'un-prompted' and with a quizzical look on their faces.

This repeated itself a couple of times before Derren stepped in to ask them ‘what’ was the matter? They all said that they kept getting their OWN readings back.

With this, Derren smiled and confessed. He’d not left the room to write their readings at all. The readings had been prepared ‘weeks’ before he even knew who he would be doing the experiment with. He went on to say that the human race ALL have the very same traits. We all have the same dreams and emotions. That we all act almost identically ‘inside’ under pressure. But most importantly of all. That we are ALL susceptible to manipulation by ANYONE who knows how to press those emotional buttons that we ALL have".

Now I know that almost all of you reading this blog post will have had an AHA!! moment. So please 'share' this post with your friends and Social Media contacts using the buttons below and don't forget to leave your comments.

Love Life ..... Ven :-)
'Visions Of The Future Past' - first published in 1988


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