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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ancient Aliens – Or Time Travellers?

I had a thought today,
what if Aliens could speak to us
what would they try to say?

If they spoke to us in our own tongue
would their thoughts be put to verse
so that they could be sung?

Music was a gift I'm told,
A gift to us from the Gods of old.
They came to show us a path straight and true
to shine the light of life
for both Me and You.

Myths and legends we were told
were fiction from our days of Gold.
But science holds a different view,
that Time-Travel isn't something new.

The Aztecs and Egyptians,
the Greeks and Chinese too,
saw ancient magic actions
appear in skies so blue.

If Aliens could speak to us
what would they try to say?
They might say we didn't listen,
that we now face our judgement day.

'Light Across The Universe'
The Rhyme that broke the code,
of our meaning here on earth,
how music plays in our re-birth.

The clue is in the statement
that Time-Travel is real.
It means we broke the code,
learned the lessons we were shown,
acted with integrity
to make this world our own.

The 'blind' will never see.
The 'deaf' will never hear.
The 'Light Of Life' shines on the wise,
the 'Chord Of Life' plays through.
So open up your eyes and ears
and travel with 'Us' too.

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