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Monday, 16 January 2017

Money – Money – Money.

Money, money, money.
This word I hear you say.
Is the root of all that’s evil,
and that we’ll buy judgement day.

It’s true of course, it’s been abused.
Just the way religion’s used.
But just as there are holy men,
who only want what’s right.
So, there are philanthropists
who wield financial might.

They don’t ask for glamour.
They don’t ask for fame.
But they are very happy
to be bankers in life's game.

We all start as pawns,
but if we get right through.
We can become the White Kings Knight,
and be life's bankers too.

If you see money as evil,
what I suggest you do.
Is look into the mirror,
and see who looks at you.

Do you see the Black Knight,
with eyes for lust and greed ?
Or the milk of human kindness,
of which mankind can feed ?

Don't be afraid of money,
It’s life's eternal honey.

It puts the icing on the cake.
When the sacrifice for love you make.

Life pays us back with high rewards,
if we can strike the vital chords
That’s why the music world is strong
They have the chord in every song.

When we buy the peaceful day
The music world will pay the way.

What true value do we put on Money? - What is Money? - Should we fear or worship Money? We are all blessed with a free resource from the moment we are born and it remains a free resource until the moment we draw our last breath. That free resource is 'energy' – the electrical stimulus that inter-connects every atom in the cosmos, that controls our every thought, action and
movement. Money is the device used by us (humans) as an exchange rate for that free energy.
You can harness it in a positive manner and Money will be attracted to you as if by magic. Or you can use it in a negative manner to create a world of lies, deceit and destruction around you.
Do you use your free energy in a 'negative' or 'positive' manner?
(The choice is Yours)

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