Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Game Of Life

What are we ? I hear you cry,
as you see another die.
Why do we fight ?
Why do we hate ?
Do we have the answer ?
Is it all too late ?

If you recognize these thoughts as yours.
Do you run and hide behind closed doors ?
The truth is there, as it should be.
As plain as day, for all to see.

When you’re hiding all alone,
you’ve got the time to ponder.
Play the noble game of chess,
allow your mind to wonder.

Black meets white, and white must win.
Portray the black as every sin.
The game of life is just beginning.
The ultimate aim in life,
is winning
You’re just a pawn, small and weak,
but if you use your cunning.
You know that it is possible,
to start the black force running.

If you look down from above,
all forces must be equal.
But if the black is every sin,
it must not be successful.

The game of chess is just ideal
when finding peace of mind.
As every figure on the board,
is there for you to find.

The rook is all the higher ground,
bureaucracy and life.
It’s jealousy and envy.
Life's trouble, and its strife.

The knight is all the armies,
the laws that are unjust.
Weave your way through all of these.
The knight is also lust.

Then we find the bishop.
A strong, protective man.
As every man is guilty,
you are no worse than he.
Guilty is now neutralized,
as he must surely see.

The queen in all her beauty,
a wonder to behold.
This mother nature we call earth.
Her secrets never told.

Call her heaven, or call her hell.
The choice is yours,
you can now tell.
Threaten her with violence.
Threaten her with sin.
If this is the black queen,
she will let you in.

But I beg you,
look into the eye,
of the mushroom of the atom.
Oblivion is what you’ll see.
The home of the Black King.
Dark, dark eternity.

Now call her heaven. Call her love.
Thank her for the sky above.
Play the music she longs to hear.
Read the books that makes life clear.
Live life for love, rich, or poor,
and she will open her secret door.

I can’t describe what you will find.
Behind the door of the beautiful mind.
But if you can imagine a heaven-on-earth.
Then you have witnessed,
the worlds re-birth.

Next time you cry, Oh no, why me ?
think about life's destiny.
You’re playing chess, every day.
One false move, you’re on your way.

It’s easy to be lazy.
To think we needn’t bother.
We’re doing what the Black King wants.
Oblivion is for ever.


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