Monday, 10 September 2018

Suicide solution ?

So you think you have the answer
in your troubled, cloudy mind ?
You think the truth is waiting there,
and peace is what you’ll find.

You think you’ll enter a real-life dream.
You’ll float around on clouds serene.
That love will fill your every sound.
That you will never fall to ground.

You’ve heard that death is painless.
That you won’t know you’re dead.
This is the Black Rook talking.
He’s there inside your head.

You’ve climbed up to the higher ground
in the game that we call life.
You find the rocks too steep to climb.
“suicide is easier”.
These thoughts now running rife.

You think that you are on your own,
suffering inside.
How can anyone feel like you,
or help you turn the pride ?

Humility is stronger.
Pride is for the fools.
Pride is a gift just for you.
It helps you play the Black Kings' rules.

Remember how the Black King thrives,
as he destroys these human lives ?
He lets you through his gate for free.
Oblivion, is what you see.

Death, it may be painless,
but the mind lives on for sure.
You have the choice infront of you.
You can choose either door.

The Black Rook uses suicide,
and helps you feel secure.

The eye of the atom is the door.
Of this FACT you can be sure.

The White door you can walk through.
Friends will welcome you.
You’ll find a world you never knew.
It’s always been here in the blue.

The blue of love surrounding us.
Keeping us all warm.
So come inside and shelter
from the Black Rooks storm.

Humility will make you strong,
and help to clear your mind.
The crystal light of eternity,
is what you’ll surely find.

Ven Bunce.

Monday, 30 July 2018



The Garden Wall.

The Garden Wall has a story to tell.
STOP! And listen
before you pass by.

Go to bed in the park.
Be afraid of the dark.
Take a spade and a fork.
Some bread and cold pork,
with plenty of tea in a flask.

When the Moon throws a shadow
across the forked bough,
start to dig at the base of the light.

Dig and dig.
Sweat like a Pig.
Like the one you have with your bread.
But keep your eye open for 'Nick',
or just like your Pig,
you'll be Dead!

Twenty feet down
and you'll hear a strange sound.
STOP! and take further instructions.
For the well you just DUG
is now feeling SMUG.
You listened,
and NOW you are TRAPPED!

The story the Wall has just told you.
Was told in the tongue of your own.
When did YOU open the door for 'Old Nick'?
Did he come to you dressed as a Clown?

If life's a triangular circle.
The 'Labyrinth' IS the front door.
Go to to the front
and you're right at the back.
So why did you come here before?

The harder you PUSH!
The harder the PULL!
The Steeper you climb.
The further you fall.

Listen to stories?
You listen to lies.
Tell the TRUTH!
And no-one believes you.

Fall from grace,
and they laugh in your face.
Life's a 'tissue'
that YOU must see through.


Sunday, 8 July 2018

The Light Of Life.

If a poet holds the light of life,
and shines it all around.
Who lights the light
that burns so bright,
and always lets them down ?

It’s said that they who hold the light,
will have their hands burned raw.
That when they hold the light aloft,
they will be kicked down to the floor.

The poets must be foolish,
for they have been advised
of the dangers that they face,
as they put their thoughts to rhyme.

Would you hold that light so bright ?
Could you take the pain ?
Could you tolerate the suffering,
ridicule and shame ?

Could you lay your life out bare,
and let the vultures take their share ?
Could you cut your soul right open,
to let all of mankind stare ?

When the guilt of all our brothers,
finds a niche inside your mind.
Will you burn it out with the light of life ?
Or cut it out, with a red hot knife ?

Maybe you’ll just carry on,
with the life you call your own.
Let the poet hold the light of life.
As the way, they have been shown.

Let them have their hands burned raw.
Let them be washed up on the shore.
Let their body be cut for every sin.
Then why not rub the salt right in.

The poets there to be abused.
For all the time they hold the light,
for all of us who are confused.

This poem - 'The Light Of Life' was written at the end of the original draft of 'Visions Of The Future Past' which was first published in 1988. The book has had a couple  of updates over the years but ALL of the poems and main concept of the original book has been kept.

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Thank You ...... Ven.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Chase The Rainbow - The Eternal Goal.

Dedication ... Persistence .... Focus

Chase The Rainbow - The Eternal Goal.

While walking from the river,
where I watched it swirl and flow.
I was planning out my future.
Thinking, which way should I go.

The field was black and muddy,
but the bright sun gave it light.
It looked just like the river,
with its power, and its might.

Just then, it started raining,
and I couldn’t trust my eyes.
A rainbow, just in front of me,
in the middle of that muddy sea.

Just fifty yards or so,
I would find my pot of gold.
I’d have to run across that field,
so muddy and so cold.
But to catch a rainbow ?
what a joy - for this ten year old boy.

Of course I’d go and catch it.
It’s magic I would share.
I’d live  ‘the life of Riley’
with the gold I would find there.

I ran so hard that day.
I’m sure that mud was clay.
I’m sure that it was just a dream.
That I was turning into cream.

I couldn’t seem to cover ground,
and my gold, I never found.
The rainbow stood there teasing,
as it stood, and watched me freezing.

Then just to rub the salt in,
it suddenly stopped raining.
The rainbow left me standing there.
It’s magic didn’t seem to care,
that I was covered from head to toe,
and back through the mud,
I had to go.

I eventually got home to see
my mother, who was making tea.
I told her of the rainbow,
how it had let me down.

She said that was a lesson,
and that I shouldn’t frown.
She said that mother nature shows us beauty to behold.
We shouldn’t try to take what’s hers.
We have to Earn our Gold

The rainbow.
It’s like a dream.
You know it’s there.
It can be seen.
Like a dream you cannot hold,
the rainbow holds your pot of gold.

Don’t give in, or you will be.
Forever stuck in the muddy sea.
Chase the rainbow but be aware.
The Black Knight may be hiding there.

A mother who appeared so wise,
saw life through the White Queens eyes.
She never learned the word `despise`,
and never tried to tell us lies.

Our imagination as children has no bounds.
Whatever we imagine, we 'think' we can achieve.
We're told as children that a rainbow has a pot of gold at it's base, and it does us no harm to believe that. In fact, such a notion could even stimulate our imagination and help us to go beyond the normal boundaries to make our dreams and wishes come true.
But 'Mother Nature' is a formidable force with lessons for us 'all' to learn from ...... Good and Bad.
(The choice is Yours)


Monday, 10 July 2017


When we think of our immunity,
and the actions of society.
We can’t always see them as one.
Let’s see if it can be done.

We’ll take all of this universe
as being one heavenly body.
The stars are all the molecules,
that form the way we play the rules.

The planets are the organs,
that give out life's vibrations.
The sun can be the beating heart.
The liver is Earth,
a vital part.

The sun and Earth are now as one ,
The heart and liver are the sun.
If one should fail, the other will die.
I’m sure you can see it in your own minds eye.

The chord of life sends out vibrations.
This music in our body.
It keeps our universe pure and clean.
Through gamma rays it travels serene.

Just like our blood, it must stay pure,
or the heavenly body will not cure.
WE have poisoned our universe.
Through our negative thoughts,
caused a curse.

We know through love,
we can stay pure,
That the Black King doesn’t want a cure.
The Black Knight offers us lust of love,
to help us poison the heaven above.

He gives us money, gives us drugs
Helps us contract the deadly bugs.
He gives us alcohol as well,
then uses LOVE ?
to make it sell.

Our mind poisoned, gets confused.
It’s ready now to be abused.
Harder now to contemplate,
protecting the king of the great white gate.

The Black Kings Bishop took the guilt.
Now through aids, we all could wilt.
The Black Queen wrings her hands with glee.
Through her gate, we’ll go for free.

The world of entertainment,
music, and the arts.
Are where the chord is strongest,
they play life's leading parts.

They’re on the front line don’t you see.
Forging out our destiny.
to heal the poisoned heaven above.

When we clean our blood (society)
and all can act quite positively.
Live through our clearer minds once more.
Eternal peace will come for sure.

Immunity, in the heaven above,
is fully dependent on our love.

Immunity in society, is in our minds.
Though we can’t see.
It’s called our personality.

Are we content to sit and wait
as the Black Queen pulls us through her gate ?
Clear your mind, and you will find,
the antidote to save mankind.

The rest of us have learned `despise`,
as we look at aids through the Black Knights eyes.
We have to be strong and stand our ground.

It acts as our immunity,
if we back it up with loyalty.
If aids we cannot tolerate,
we will ALL pass
through the Black Kings gate.

The eye of the atom makes it clear.
As we look around,
at what we hold dear.
We have to love and appreciate,
The eternal wonders of the great White Gate.

Jimi played while on this earth,
`The Gods Made Love`
then gave us birth.

The `Purple Haze` is pure love,
between the sounds of the earth,
and the sun above.

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Cheers ..... Ven.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Welcome stranger.

I saw you in that busy room.
My eyes met yours,
we were in tune.
I didn’t recognise you though,
and I walked away from your friendly glow.
Into the world I thought I knew,
and never gave a thought to you.

Determined now to make my mark.
Unaware of the deadly shark.
The killer of dreams and fantasy,
is now forever stalking me.

Forever building up the blocks
that lead me to the towering rocks.
Where happiness, and wealth both rule.
I became the Black Rooks fool.

The Black Knight he then gave me lust,
and riches that were so unjust.

By chance, I met with you again.
Your friendly glow remained the same.
But, to me, you looked , concerned.
You noticed wealth I hadn’t earned.

The Bishop of the Black Kings gate,
told me the guilt was placed too late.
That I could go right through the door.
The Black Queen then would give me more.

I could become a banker
of the mighty, strong Black King.
Whatever I desired,
The Black Queen, she would bring.

What a choice I had to make.
I could have, all I could take.
As these thoughts ran through my mind.
I gazed at you, and tried to find,
a reason why I shouldn’t take,
the riches, for the riches sake.

Just then, a friend I’ve known for years,
but couldn’t show respect.
Welcomed me with open arms.
You’re one of us”, he said.

Suddenly, my blood ran cold.
I couldn’t say I’d not been told.
Was I really just like he?
Greed and lust had blinded me.

Frightened now by what I’d found,
I looked for you,
you weren’t around.
It didn’t matter any more.
I couldn’t pass through the Black Bishops door.

I was now left out in the cold.
My world now empty,
growing old.
But I started to appreciate,
the stronger power of the White Kings mate.

Months passed by in the wilderness.
Then you touched me with your tenderness.
You showered me with sights and sound.
Feelings pure, and so profound.

You gave me knowledge that I couldn't deny.
You showed me how it felt to fly.

If I die tomorrow,
I couldn’t feel sorrow.
I know what I shall find.
You put the heaven in my mind.

(Did 'You' Take The 'Red Pill' ?)

Ven Bunce

Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Dominatrix Lady.

The Dominatrix Lady called at my home today.
She walked past me and sat right down,
said she was here to stay.

She told me that I had no choice, in matters of my own.
That she was taking full control,
and I would always obey her commanding tone.

She made me turn off every light
inside my home that burned so bright.
She said the darkness was her friend.
This lady of the night.

I became Oh So submissive, as she poked and stabbed
with her pointed stick that was so red hot,
but burned like ice on me.

This Dominatrix Lady made me stumble and fall.
Every time I saw my escape,
She built another wall.

Why did she choose Me, to be her whipping boy?
I couldn’t see the sense at all.
But sex was not the reason I became this lady’s toy.

With every nerve end tingling I would go against the grain.
I would act out her life fantasy.
Destroy my own reality.

She fed me live red maggots that invaded my home.
They gnawed so very gently,
inside my bleeding aching bones.

As every new day passes, in my home that’s not my own.
The Dominatrix Lady dreams up her new tortures,
I’m then force-fed and shown.

It’s been over twenty years now since she came to my door.
She wore a bright, encrusted badge.
It said ‘S & M’….. I’m sure.

Maybe she had it on back-to-front, this lady of the night.
If she did, then I now know.
Why I’m in this losing fight.