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In The Beginning.

'The Meaning Of Life' ..... 'WhyAre We Here?'

In the beginning.

Before ‘matter’ formed within infinite space creating the Cosmos that we know today, there were only ‘negatively’ charged electrons forming the state we call ‘oblivion’. A place where there is no light, no sound, no smell, no touch, no feelings or emotions. Total oblivion.

In the beginning, these ‘negatively’ charged electrons needed a ‘positive’ charge to bounce off of. To rub against and cause ‘duplication’ of the ‘Negative’ electron.

In the beginning, that charge was the ‘positive’ energy we call ‘imagination’. The very thing that has created ALL we see around us in our HUMAN world. Nothing could have been built or created by we humans without the POWER of ‘imagination’. If we can ‘imagine’ something, it can be done. But ONLY with the harnessed power of ‘imagination’.

In the beginning, time was irrelevant. There was no need for ‘time’ as we know it because there was nothing to measure. No future, no past, no present. Just ‘Oblivion’…..BUT!…..

In the beginning, the electron that was ‘positively’ charged with ‘imagination’ was busily doing exactly what ‘imagination’ does best. ‘Imagining’, (surprise, surprise).
Imagining beautiful images in the likeness of itself. Spherical in form with an order about them that would make them duplicatable into infinity.

In the beginning, ‘Time’ was now beginning to form in the imagination of the lonesome electron. it had all the plans imagined, but no way of forming and duplicating them. There was no ‘time frame’. For this, it needed to imagine mathematical equations to form ‘TIME’ itself, and this it duly did.

In the beginning, the lonesome ‘positively’ charged electron had imagined trillions upon trillions of images, but had no way to make them real. It was stuck in oblivion with no means of forming all of those images ‘outside’ of the prison it found itself within…..THEN!……

In the beginning, the lonesome ‘positive’ charge filled with ‘imagination’ imagined the most POWERFUL tool it had ever been able to imagine before.

It imagined ‘vibration’.

OK, all very well imagining ‘vibration’ but how will that ‘create’ all of the images that need to be formed to escape from ‘oblivion’?

In the beginning, the lonesome ‘positive’ charge imagined ‘MUSIC’!
It imagined all the various ‘vibrations’ coming together in a ‘mathematical’ sequence thus causing a ‘tune’ to form. Imagining the tune caused the lonesome ‘positively’ charged electron to ‘vibrate’ itself….UNTIL!…

In the beginning, the lonesome ‘positively’ charged electron ‘vibrated’ so much to ‘the rhythm of the beat’ that it caused friction between itself, and the ‘negatively charged’ electrons that filled the prison called ‘OBLIVION’. Very soon it was duplicating ‘itself’ so fast, and the music got faster and more frantic, causing even faster ‘rapid expansion’ of the now ‘not so lonely’ positively charged electrons, that all that pent-up imagery was let loose and ‘matter’ was formed in what we now call ‘The Cosmos’.

You Now Have An Interpretation About The ‘BIG BANG’ That Created ‘Creation’ Itself.

The Cosmos and all ‘matter’ is held together by……… ‘vibrations’.

The Cosmos ‘sings’ through infinity.

(We have scientific instruments that ‘prove’ this).

All ‘matter’, no matter how insignificant, ‘vibrates’.

Everything is held together by frequencies of vibrations… FACT!

Music is probably the most powerful tool we have at our disposal. It can heal the sick. It can create action. It can stimulate ‘imagination’ itself.


The Few’ know of it’s power, and while they give us the ‘sweetener’ of unlimited access to as much music as we can possibly handle, they give us ‘with’ that sweetener, the power to destroy ourselves through drink, drugs and debauchery. All the things that many people now accept as ‘normal’ because we have been conditioned (mainly through the power of music and the ‘media’) to accept such behaviour as normal.

Yet when we honestly ‘search’ our conscience in the privacy of our own company. We KNOW we are acting in conflict with what is TRULY healthy.

In the beginning, the ‘negatively’ charged electrons were in their ‘heaven’. That was their world. That was their existence and they were comfortable with ‘nothing’ in oblivion. So much so, that they began to FIGHT BACK, to try and get back to that state of oblivion. ‘The Few’ are the agents of that dark energy who are trying to return everything back to ‘the status quo’.

We have the ‘Black Army’ fighting the ‘White Army’. If the ‘Black Army’ win (as they are doing) we destroy ourselves, the cosmos ‘implodes’ and a state of ‘oblivion’ is restored.

If the ‘White Army’ wins. Which it ‘must’ for the future of all we love and hold dear, then we will enter the next stage of human development, and the development of the Cosmos; ‘UTOPIA’.

Did you think that ‘CHESS’ was developed as a ‘game’?

Sorry, but it was developed so that the ‘wise men’ of the ‘White Army’ could work out strategies to predict and defeat the actions of the ‘Black Army’.

War as we know it will become unnecessary and irrelevant because the ‘positive’ energy of the ‘White Army’ doesn’t consider the ‘taking of life’ as acceptable in any way.

When ‘The Few’ are defeated, their main weapon which is ‘WAR’ in all of it’s ghastly forms (the living hell) will be defeated with them.

'VisionsOf The Future Past' A book that is a blueprint for our development is now available for us all to use.


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