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Monday, 10 July 2017


When we think of our immunity,
and the actions of society.
We can’t always see them as one.
Let’s see if it can be done.

We’ll take all of this universe
as being one heavenly body.
The stars are all the molecules,
that form the way we play the rules.

The planets are the organs,
that give out life's vibrations.
The sun can be the beating heart.
The liver is Earth,
a vital part.

The sun and Earth are now as one ,
The heart and liver are the sun.
If one should fail, the other will die.
I’m sure you can see it in your own minds eye.

The chord of life sends out vibrations.
This music in our body.
It keeps our universe pure and clean.
Through gamma rays it travels serene.

Just like our blood, it must stay pure,
or the heavenly body will not cure.
WE have poisoned our universe.
Through our negative thoughts,
caused a curse.

We know through love,
we can stay pure,
That the Black King doesn’t want a cure.
The Black Knight offers us lust of love,
to help us poison the heaven above.

He gives us money, gives us drugs
Helps us contract the deadly bugs.
He gives us alcohol as well,
then uses LOVE ?
to make it sell.

Our mind poisoned, gets confused.
It’s ready now to be abused.
Harder now to contemplate,
protecting the king of the great white gate.

The Black Kings Bishop took the guilt.
Now through aids, we all could wilt.
The Black Queen wrings her hands with glee.
Through her gate, we’ll go for free.

The world of entertainment,
music, and the arts.
Are where the chord is strongest,
they play life's leading parts.

They’re on the front line don’t you see.
Forging out our destiny.
to heal the poisoned heaven above.

When we clean our blood (society)
and all can act quite positively.
Live through our clearer minds once more.
Eternal peace will come for sure.

Immunity, in the heaven above,
is fully dependent on our love.

Immunity in society, is in our minds.
Though we can’t see.
It’s called our personality.

Are we content to sit and wait
as the Black Queen pulls us through her gate ?
Clear your mind, and you will find,
the antidote to save mankind.

The rest of us have learned `despise`,
as we look at aids through the Black Knights eyes.
We have to be strong and stand our ground.

It acts as our immunity,
if we back it up with loyalty.
If aids we cannot tolerate,
we will ALL pass
through the Black Kings gate.

The eye of the atom makes it clear.
As we look around,
at what we hold dear.
We have to love and appreciate,
The eternal wonders of the great White Gate.

Jimi played while on this earth,
`The Gods Made Love`
then gave us birth.

The `Purple Haze` is pure love,
between the sounds of the earth,
and the sun above.

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Cheers ..... Ven.


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