Thursday, 6 July 2017

Welcome stranger.

I saw you in that busy room.
My eyes met yours,
we were in tune.
I didn’t recognise you though,
and I walked away from your friendly glow.
Into the world I thought I knew,
and never gave a thought to you.

Determined now to make my mark.
Unaware of the deadly shark.
The killer of dreams and fantasy,
is now forever stalking me.

Forever building up the blocks
that lead me to the towering rocks.
Where happiness, and wealth both rule.
I became the Black Rooks fool.

The Black Knight he then gave me lust,
and riches that were so unjust.

By chance, I met with you again.
Your friendly glow remained the same.
But, to me, you looked , concerned.
You noticed wealth I hadn’t earned.

The Bishop of the Black Kings gate,
told me the guilt was placed too late.
That I could go right through the door.
The Black Queen then would give me more.

I could become a banker
of the mighty, strong Black King.
Whatever I desired,
The Black Queen, she would bring.

What a choice I had to make.
I could have, all I could take.
As these thoughts ran through my mind.
I gazed at you, and tried to find,
a reason why I shouldn’t take,
the riches, for the riches sake.

Just then, a friend I’ve known for years,
but couldn’t show respect.
Welcomed me with open arms.
You’re one of us”, he said.

Suddenly, my blood ran cold.
I couldn’t say I’d not been told.
Was I really just like he?
Greed and lust had blinded me.

Frightened now by what I’d found,
I looked for you,
you weren’t around.
It didn’t matter any more.
I couldn’t pass through the Black Bishops door.

I was now left out in the cold.
My world now empty,
growing old.
But I started to appreciate,
the stronger power of the White Kings mate.

Months passed by in the wilderness.
Then you touched me with your tenderness.
You showered me with sights and sound.
Feelings pure, and so profound.

You gave me knowledge that I couldn't deny.
You showed me how it felt to fly.

If I die tomorrow,
I couldn’t feel sorrow.
I know what I shall find.
You put the heaven in my mind.

(Did 'You' Take The 'Red Pill' ?)

Ven Bunce

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