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Friday, 8 September 2017

Chase The Rainbow - The Eternal Goal.

Dedication ... Persistence .... Focus

Chase The Rainbow - The Eternal Goal.

While walking from the river,
where I watched it swirl and flow.
I was planning out my future.
Thinking, which way should I go.

The field was black and muddy,
but the bright sun gave it light.
It looked just like the river,
with its power, and its might.

Just then, it started raining,
and I couldn’t trust my eyes.
A rainbow, just in front of me,
in the middle of that muddy sea.

Just fifty yards or so,
I would find my pot of gold.
I’d have to run across that field,
so muddy and so cold.
But to catch a rainbow ?
what a joy - for this ten year old boy.

Of course I’d go and catch it.
It’s magic I would share.
I’d live  ‘the life of Riley’
with the gold I would find there.

I ran so hard that day.
I’m sure that mud was clay.
I’m sure that it was just a dream.
That I was turning into cream.

I couldn’t seem to cover ground,
and my gold, I never found.
The rainbow stood there teasing,
as it stood, and watched me freezing.

Then just to rub the salt in,
it suddenly stopped raining.
The rainbow left me standing there.
It’s magic didn’t seem to care,
that I was covered from head to toe,
and back through the mud,
I had to go.

I eventually got home to see
my mother, who was making tea.
I told her of the rainbow,
how it had let me down.

She said that was a lesson,
and that I shouldn’t frown.
She said that mother nature shows us beauty to behold.
We shouldn’t try to take what’s hers.
We have to Earn our Gold

The rainbow.
It’s like a dream.
You know it’s there.
It can be seen.
Like a dream you cannot hold,
the rainbow holds your pot of gold.

Don’t give in, or you will be.
Forever stuck in the muddy sea.
Chase the rainbow but be aware.
The Black Knight may be hiding there.

A mother who appeared so wise,
saw life through the White Queens eyes.
She never learned the word `despise`,
and never tried to tell us lies.

Our imagination as children has no bounds.
Whatever we imagine, we 'think' we can achieve.
We're told as children that a rainbow has a pot of gold at it's base, and it does us no harm to believe that. In fact, such a notion could even stimulate our imagination and help us to go beyond the normal boundaries to make our dreams and wishes come true.
But 'Mother Nature' is a formidable force with lessons for us 'all' to learn from ...... Good and Bad.
(The choice is Yours)


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