Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Black Queens Bed

The Black Queen lifts her Sultry head.
Looks round at those who share her bed.
"I see you've all come bearing news".
"So good to see you fit your shoes".

The 'Robot Wars' no more a dream.
Conspiritors compound the scheme.
Digits on computer screens,
keep cash control within 'Her' means.

We've built the dream of our 'Black Queen'.
We can now see, and 'all' be seen.
'Robot Intelligence' not in doubt.
Exceeds our own, inside and out.

The life-blood of our modern world
is cash that shows that we have 'earned'.
We are haemorrhageing badly now.
It must be stemmed.
Do 'we' know how?

Have the 'Surgeons' taken vows
to our 'Black Queen'?
Who really Knows?

'Big Brother' is her favourite Son.
The war He's fought is almost won.
He watches and tracks our every motion.
With 'stealth' he follows in high resolution.

The Brown Crusader, Obama too,
are in her bed.
(I thought you knew)

Ven ....

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