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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Folley Of Life.

The folley of life, I hear you say.
Is as plain as night, as clear as day.

We are just an accident
on an alien blue moon,
and the way that we are going,
we’ll be gone too soon.

But the folley of life
is a mind in its own.
The name of the force
by which we are shown.

It’s here in the form of imagination.
One mans folley - is another mans station.

We see the folleys all around.
Often standing on lonely ground.
Where brilliant men would sit and ponder.
Where White Scams come,
and make them wonder.

Wondering through this ageless time,
gave them visions, so sublime.

They could really see quite clearly,
that this blue moon
views us VERY dearly.

Some call it inspiration.
Others call it love.
Whatever you call it be assured.
It’s brought down from above.

Why do the folley's look so strange ?
Their forms often defy us ?
They were built from plans in one mans mind,
to house the scams that guide mankind.
So he could sit and contemplate,
defenses of the White Kings gate.

His inspiration. Love of life.
Often caused him trouble.
Most would call him really strange,
but our futures he would re-arrange.

Genius - is often used,
to describe these men who were abused.
We couldn’t understand their mind,
as they struggled on to save mankind.

People will now buy these folley's.
They know what will await them.
These scams of generations past
find peace in their to form the cast.
To play lifes game and make it last.

When you see a folley sing and cheer.
The fate of the world could be waiting there.
Know this, and appreciate.

They are the rooks of the great white gate.
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