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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Heaven Or Hell ?

 Heaven Or Hell ?

When you see the sun in a blood-red sky,

do you feel a tingle in your own minds eye ?

Can you imagine what’s happening out there ?

The signs of life are everywhere.

The blood-red sky is a thing of beauty.

But so is the tiger,

who is also quite deadly.

We’re all given the signs so we might see,

just what we are doing to our own sanity.

Our mind is a heaven, or hell-on-earth.

It is pure and clean on the day of our birth.

We do have the choice,

is it heaven, or hell ?

If you live life for love,

you’ll be able to tell.

Just look at the sun in the blood-red sky.

Feel the tingle in your own minds eye.

Can you tell what you see ?

Do you see God bleeding ?

Millions dying, for want of a seedling ?

Perhaps you see people dying in wars.

If you do, you’re in HELL,

But the choice is Yours.


'Visions Of The Future Past' - first published in 1988



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